Saxophone Insurance

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Designed for musicians of all levels, Lark Music’s specialist saxophone insurance is suitable for all makes and varieties of saxophones, including soprano, alto, tenor, and baritone.
What our cover includes
  • Worldwide cover
  • No time restrictions on travel
  • All risks cover (fire, flood, loss, theft, accidental damage)
  • Depreciation in value following an accident
  • Cover whilst travelling (as long as the musical instrument is in a hard case)
  • Cover whilst at home
  • No claims discount of up to 20%

We also provide some optional extras

  • Cover against theft from an unattended vehicle, earthquake or climate conditions
  • Optional £2m or £5m Public Liability

Renting your instrument?

If you rent your instrument, you will more than likely be responsible for making sure that it is correctly insured. Lark Music can provide comprehensive cover for any rental instruments.

Why choose Lark Music?

Lark Music has been providing specialist music insurance across the world for over 25 years. Our service benefits include:

  • A dedicated Account Handler – so one number to call
  • In-house Claims Team to make the claims process as efficient as possible
  • Transactions in a choice of currencies (Sterling, Euro, US Dollar)
  • ‘No Claims Discounts’ available (up to 20%)
  • Choice of repairer
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Surely one of the most enticing of the wind instruments, the saxophone’s unforgettable sound has a wide appeal for musicians playing jazz, rock, classical, and beyond.

But its soft brass body makes it liable to denting, and even a small bump can throw its intricate key work out of alignment. A poor sling or soft case can lead to unintended damage, no matter how careful one is while playing, and repair work is highly specialised and expensive to carry out. A saxophone’s unmistakable shape makes it particularly tempting to thieves.

David Zucchi, London-based saxophonist

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