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What is Public Liability insurance?

If you are performing as a musician there is a high chance you will need Public Liability insurance. When you have been hired to perform in a public space you do so with the risk of causing an injury to the general public or damage to property whilst performing – even if it is accidental. Public Liability insurance is a type of cover which helps protect you from any type of claim associated with these kinds of accidents whilst performing in a public space or a professional venue.

Why is Public Liability for musicians important?

Whether it happens when you are transporting your musical equipment between performances, or someone trips over one of your wires whilst you are on stage, if damage or an injury is caused you will be left vulnerable to claims against you.

Here’s an example of an accident during a performance where Public Liability for musicians would be needed:

A musician is performing at an outside street festival on a slightly raised stage and they have speakers set up. There is a sudden turn in the weather with unexpected gusts of wind. The speakers are not secured properly and one falls off the stage, damaging a parked car and also injuring a member of the public.

In this scenario, without Public Liability insurance the musician would be vulnerable to claims for the damage to third party property and the injuries caused to the member of the public. Public Liability for musicians provides cover for up to £5m of claims along with Court attendance compensation up to £5,000 (maximum £250 per day).

What type of musician needs Public Liability insurance?

It is a common misconception that only musicians who ‘gig’ need Public Liability insurance. The reality is, whatever instrument/genre you play or equipment you use, if you are performing outside, at a venue or even at your home, you need to have a Public Liability insurance policy.

How do I get Public Liability insurance for musicians?

If you require Public Liability insurance then you will likely also need a musical instrument insurance policy. Our Public Liability insurance is only available as an add-on to an instrument policy as it simply would not be cost effective enough to buy it as a standalone policy. Many of our clients find purchasing it alongside their musical instrument insurance provides an efficient and affordable policy.

When getting a quote for your musical instrument insurance, simply add on the Public Liability insurance for it to be included in your quote.

Why do I need Public Liability insurance if I am performing at home?

The pandemic meant that for many musicians, the only performances they did in 2020 were virtually, and in many cases these were in their own homes. It might seem strange to have Public Liability insurance if you are just playing your instrument at home, however if you are doing so in a professional capacity and caused damage to your equipment or something in your home in the process, your Home Insurance policy might reject the claim.

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Lark Music has been providing specialist music insurance across the world for over 25 years. Our service benefits include:

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