Insurance that’s instrumental for you

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Insurance that’s instrumental for you

Nothing brings people together like music can. For more than 25 years, we’ve been helping musicians of all ages and abilities protect what they care about most: their instruments and equipment. So we help all music lovers keep their instruments and equipment safe through specialist and flexible cover that leaves you free to play on, safe in the knowledge you’re protected.

Our musical instrument insurance is note perfect – designed for people who make music happen, by people who love music. Whether you’re a professional on the world stage, a beginner with your very first instrument, or a collector, dealer or instrument maker, we can offer flexible, cost-effective and specialist cover that means you can play on, protected.

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Musical instrument insurance

For players & collectors

Music is made by people – but it’s your musical instrument that makes it possible. We can help you find the right music instrument insurance, whether you have a single instrument, or a large collection.

For dealers, makers & restorers

As a dealer in musical instruments, you have a precise set of needs. At Lark Music, we are perfectly placed to tailor the right policy for you, offering the specialist insurance your instrument stock requires to give you and your customers peace of mind.