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Working with us as an introducer means working together and Lark Music supporting you in your role as an introducer. We understand that every business is unique, so we have a variety of ways we can work with you as an introducer. This page outlines the methods you can use to introduce your clients to Lark Music. There is another tips page available here which outlines activities to increase the volume of clients to introduce.

Catering to your clients from all around the world

As a worldwide business, we are able to cater for your clients who live outside of the UK, however, we do have two different methods which are outlined below:

Clients who live in the UK

We have two options for your UK-based clients to purchase their insurance with us:

  1. Via our online quote and buy portal – For a total instrument value under £50,000

This allows your client to quote and buy their insurance in a matter of minutes and creates an online account for them. We recommend using this method if the total instrument value is under £50,000.

  1. Via our online proposal form – If your client’s total instrument value exceeds £50,000

Our online proposal form is for clients who have a single instrument or collection of instruments which is worth over £50,000. Our specialist team will then work on these enquiries personally and contact the client directly.

Clients who live outside of the UK

Due to our insurance provider restrictions, policies for non-UK residents must be processed by our team. This means that your clients will have a personal service and will submit their information via an online form.

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Ways to work with us

We appreciate that people like to work in different ways, some introducers prefer to collate the information themselves and introduce the client, whereas others prefer to come directly to Lark Music.

Find out how both of these options works below:

  1. Sending clients directly to Lark Music
  2. Submitting information on your client’s behalf
1. Sending clients directly to Lark Music

As a Lark Music introducer, you will have a bespoke landing page on our website which will guide your clients to purchase insurance and track your income. This page will only be accessible with your unique link.

We find that introducers are most successful when the client can see a clear connection between your business and Lark Music. Because of this, many introducers opt for sending their clients directly to Lark Music and utilise their own websites to achieve this.

Creating a webpage on your website and directing to clients to Lark Music  

We find the most successful method is to have an area on your website with some information about Lark Music which helps to build trust for the client between our two brands.

How this works:

  • You create an area on your website to direct clients to when introducing Lark Music for their insurance
  • Lark Music provides information for this page including an introduction to how we work with you, to build further trust
  • You display a link and action to encourage clients to ‘get a quote’
  • This link takes the client to your bespoke landing page on the Lark Music website
  • Once the client purchases their insurance your income can be tracked.
Utilising your website to direct clients to Lark Music without creating a webpage

We understand that you may not have the ability to create an extra page or space on your website to introduce Lark Music to your clients. If this is the case, you can work with our Marketing team on the best positioning within your existing website capabilities.

We can provide a link in various forms to suit your current website requirements:

  • As a graphic image banner, at a specific size that works on your website, with a link
  • A hyperlink which you can use with text (we can also help you with this if needed)

How this works:

  • You place a link to Lark Music on your website utilising either of the methods above
  • The links direct the client to your landing page on the Lark Music website
  • Once the client purchases their insurance, your income can be tracked.
Providing clients with flyers

We understand that not every business is digital and some still see great results from more traditional promotional methods. We can provide flyers if this is the case for your business, however any income can only be assigned to you as an introducer if we are able to track the activity. Because of this, the flyers will be aimed at directing clients to your bespoke landing page on the Lark Music website.

How this works:

  • We provide you with flyers to give to your clients
  • These flyers contain a website address directing traffic to your landing page on the Lark Music website. This will allow us to track the lead activity and record your introducer income against any successful submissions.
    • Example:

Only enquiries which can be tracked back to you as the introducer will be counted in your income, so it is very important that you do not rely completely on a flyer without a website journey to support it.

Historically, we have provided flyers to businesses with a unique introducer code so this may be a method you are familiar with. We have now moved to online tracking via the bespoke introducer landing page meaning that the introducer codes are no longer visible to a client when getting a quote online. We found that the historical introducer code was not successful as it was not an easy process for clients, which then reduced the introducer’s income. As a result, we have introduced the new process to offer a more secure journey.

Please note there is a four-week lead time on flyer requests.

2. Submitting information on your client’s behalf

We understand that you might want to be involved more and add that personal touch which is why we offer an option to cater for this. Some of our introducers work by gathering their client’s information and submitting it to us on their behalf with their permission.

If you would rather handle the introduction personally, we are able to support you with this by creating a bespoke landing page and form submission on the Lark Music website.

How this works:

  • You are given a link to your bespoke page on the Lark Music website
  • You must gather consent from your client to submit their information to Lark Music on their behalf
  • You can then submit your client’s information via an online form on your bespoke page
  • The Lark Music team contact your client to discuss their insurance options
  • Once cover is confirmed we can track your income via the submissions.

Please note that if you choose this option, the online quote and buy portal will not be used.

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Find out how to increase your referrals

Now that you are aware of the ways you can work with us, why not take a look at our introducer tips page? On this page you’ll find lots of activities you can do to raise awareness with your clients and increase lead generation.

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