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We can help you find the right violin and viola insurance, if you have a single instrument or a large collection.

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Note-perfect insurance for every violin and viola

The violin is one of the world’s most loved instruments and its sibling, the viola, shares that level of appreciation. At Lark Music, we understand that there are violins – and there are violins. The same goes for violas. That’s why our specialist violin and viola insurance is as versatile as the instrument itself.

We offer expert cover for every violinist and violist, whether you’re looking to insure a ¼-size beginner’s fiddle or one of the world’s rarest and most valuable instruments. Wherever and however you play, make or collect violins, we’ll keep your treasured instrument covered correctly. This means that you can enjoy the music safe in the knowledge that you’re protected with Lark Music’s Violin and Viola insurance that has you hitting the right note every time.

With our specialist Violin and Viola Instrument insurance, you’ll benefit from:

• Three levels of cover – global, national or home*
• No time restrictions on travel
• Cover for all risks, including fire, flood, loss, theft and accidental damage
• Reimbursement for the loss of value if your instrument is damaged
• Cover for travelling with your instrument in a hard case (where applicable)
• No claims discount of up to 20%
• Cover for rented instruments
• Optional extras, such as cover against theft from an unattended vehicle, earthquake or climate conditions

*Please note, only Global cover is currently available to buy online. If you need National or Home violin or viola insurance, please contact our team over the phone or by email, or use our online form.

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Bespoke personal service for professional musicians and exceptionally valuable instruments


Quick and easy violin and viola instrument insurance for musicians of all abilities

Specialist violin insurance with a personal touch

Some instruments deserve special care. At Lark Music, we have been trusted with insuring some of the world’s most valuable violins, from makers such as Stradivari, Amati and Guarneri.

We also understand, though, that the most valuable instrument is the one you play. That’s why we offer personal care and attention to tailor the right violin and viola insurance policy to your priceless instrument  and it doesn’t matter if you’re a professional player, dealer, maker, or collector.

Simply call 020 3846 5271 or  get a quote and set up your bespoke policy



Speak to someone who understands your world. Our specialist advisors can make instant violin or viola insurance policy changes over the phone and respond to emails quickly.
Choose the repairer you trust if you need to claim, because we understand how important it is to know your instrument is in safe hands.
We understand some claims come with extra costs, such as travelling to a specialist vendor or repairer, so we’ll cover these too.*
*Reasonable costs will be covered which is decided by Lark Music and the insurer.

Effortless insurance for every violin

We believe insuring your violin should be quick and easy, so you can get on with playing it.

If you’re touring, teaching, recording, or just playing with friends, our cost-effective violin and viola insurance will keep you covered at all times because, while you may play it by ear, we don’t.

Get a quote and buy your violin or viola instrument policy online in just a few simple steps.



All our cover protects against fire, theft, flood and accidental damage.
When we pay claims, we do it quickly
We know you won’t want to wait after a claim, so we settle the approved amount quickly by bank transfer.
We don’t charge any cancellation fees for the first 14 days after you buy your violin or viola insurance.

Why choose Lark Music for your violin and viola insurance?

With over 25 years of experience behind us, you can be confident in a no-strings-attached violin or viola insurance policy with us. For added reassurance, have a look at our reviews on Feefo where you can see past customers speak about their harmonious encounters.

On top of this, we take pride in supporting key projects in the music industry. We have partnerships with charities such as the Independent Society of Musicians (ISM), the Young Classic Artists Trust (YCAT) and the European Strong Teachers Association (ESTA). We’re always operating for the love of music, and aspiring to strengthen our knowledge so that we can give you the best insurance policy for your violin or viola.

Sound like music to your ears? Get a quote from us today.

Violin insurance FAQs

Does violin and viola insurance cover violin and viola bows?

Yes, we offer violin and viola bow insurance as part of our policy options and we encourage you to consider including this. You can’t play without a bow, at the end of the day, and even beginner violin or viola bows can set you back hundreds of pounds. We offer tailored policies to account for these decisions.

Why should I consider violin or viola insurance?

Regardless of whether you’re a musical virtuoso or a novice, protecting your violin or viola means that you can limit expensive repairs or replacements should anything happen to your beloved instrument. Or perhaps you’re a collector looking to protect your collection. If your instruments are expensive to replace or prone to damage from being on the move, it is certainlya good idea to take out specialist insurance.
Remember, you can also insure violins, violas, and accompanying bows on behalf of others, such as young learners who might transport their instrument to and from lessons or rehearsals.
While violin or viola instrument insurance isn’t a necessity, a huge proportion of musicians have it in place.

What are your three levels of cover?

You can choose from Global, National, or Home cover for your violin or viola insurance. This gives you the flexibility to choose a risk level that meets your circumstances as a musician.

You can read our policy documents for more information.

Does contents insurance cover violins?

Yes, you can choose to cover your violin or viola under your contents insurance. However, it’s recommended that you go with a specialist musical instrument insurer like us that operates for the love of music.
Musical instruments, especially expertly crafted violins and violas, deserve specialist care. And crucially, a standard home insurance policy may pay out far less than the value of your instrument, which is certainly something to fret about.
That’s why it’s worth looking into a tailored musical instrument policy for your violin or viola insurance.

How much does violin insurance cost?

This  depends on several factors. The value of your instrument, as well as any accessories that come with the instrument, will influence your violin or viola insurance cost. Your instrument should be insured for the cost required to replace it. We also consider your No Claims discount when it comes to calculating the annual premium for your violin or viola insurance.

It’s worth noting that we offer a range of payment options, giving you more flexibility when it comes to your policy. View more information about our musical instrument policies.

How can I get violin or viola insurance from Lark Music?

Ready to compose your violin or viola insurance policy? Get an online quote with us or get in touch by completing our enquiry form. Alternatively, you can speak directly with one of our experts by dialling 020 38465271.

If your instrument has a value of over £50,000, we recommend speaking with a member of our specialist team.

Do I need a violin or viola appraisal for insurance?

When you choose violin or viola insurance with us, you’ll  need to undergo an instrument appraisal. We accept:

  • The receipt value
  • The list price
  • Similar instrument value
  • A professional valuation
Do you include violin or viola shipping insurance?

Will I be covered when I travel with my instrument?

Yes, when you choose violin or viola insurance from Lark Music you’ll be covered for travel if your instrument is transported in a hard case.

Based outside of the UK or EU? We can still help

The love of music unites people wherever they are in the world. That’s why we can also offer violin and viola insurance if you live outside of the UK or the EU through our specialist, personal service. Our team has worked with musicians worldwide for many years and will be happy to help you find the violin or viola insurance policy that best suits you.

Simply fill in our online form and we will get back to you at a time that suits you.

We can cover musicians in:

• Hong Kong
• Singapore
• New Zealand
• Israel
• Switzerland
• Korea
• Australia

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