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We can help you find the right cello insurance, whether you have a single instrument or a large collection.

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The cello is an instrument renowned for its rich, vibrant sound. And, of course, you want to keep it that way. So, we offer specialist insurance for cello players and owners that helps you take care of your instrument, whether you’re a virtuoso, beginner or somewhere in between.

There’s no need for cello players to fret, especially when you’re covered by Lark Music. We know that large instruments like the cello come with challenges, so we offer worldwide cover if you need to travel with it. Plus, you can add unattended vehicle cover to your cello insurance policy. We understand that it’s not always easy to hide an in-transit cello from prying eyes. So, don’t worry – wherever and however you play, we’ll make sure your cello is covered.

Benefit from:

Three levels of cello insurance cover – global, national or home*
No time restrictions on travel
Cover for all risks, including fire, flood, loss, theft and accidental damage
Reimbursement for the loss of value if your instrument is damaged
Cover for travelling with your instrument in a hard case (where applicable)
No claims discount of up to 20%
Cover for rented instruments
Optional extras, such as cover against theft from an unattended vehicle, earthquake or climate conditions

*Please note, only Global cello insuranc ecover is currently available to buy online. If you need National or Home cover, please contact our team over the phone or by email, or use our online form.

Choose your service and get a quote:

Bespoke personal service for professional musicians and exceptionally valuable instruments
Quick and easy instrument insurance for musicians of all abilities

Specialist cello insurance with a personal touch

Some instruments deserve special care, especially when they are exceptionally valuable, rare or represent your livelihood.

At Lark Music, we understand that the most valuable instrument is the one that’s yours. So we offer personal care and attention to tailor the right insurance for your cello, whether you’re a professional player, dealer, maker or collector.

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H4: Personal service & rapid responses Speak to someone who understands your world. Our specialist advisors can make instant cello insurance policy changes over the phone and we respond to emails quickly.
Choose the repairer you trust if you need to claim, because we understand how important it is to know your instrument is in safe hands.
We understand some claims come with extra costs, such as travelling to a specialist vendor or repairer, so we’ll cover these too.*
*Reasonable costs will be covered at the discretion of by Lark Music and the insurer.

Effortless insurance for every cello

We believe getting cello insurance should be quick and easy, so you can get on with playing it.

Whether you’re touring, teaching, recording or just playing with friends, our cost-effective cello insurance will keep your cello covered at all times. Because while you may play it by ear, we don’t.

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All our cello insurance cover protects against fire, theft, flood and accidental damage.
When we pay claims, we do it quickly
We know you won’t want to wait after a claim, so we settle the approved amount quickly by bank transfer.
We don’t charge any cancellation fees for the first 14 days after you buy.
Based outside of the UK or EU? We can still help

The love of music unites people wherever they are in the world. That’s why we can also offer cello insurance if you live outside of the UK or the EU through our specialist, personal service. Our team has worked with musicians worldwide for many years and will be happy to help you find the policy that best suits you. Simply fill in our online form and we will get back to you at a time that suits you.

We can cover musicians in:

• Hong Kong
• Singapore
• New Zealand
• Israel
• Switzerland
• Korea
• Australia

Why choose Lark Music for your cello instrument insurance?

At Lark Music, we’ve been adding strings to musicians’ bows for over 25 years, with tailored cello insurance policies that suit different lifestyles. And we can do the same for you. Take a look at our reviews on Feefo to see how we’ve helped musicians across the world.

We operate for the love of music, which is why we have partnerships with charities such as the Independent Society of Musicians (ISM), the Young Classical Artists Trust (YCAT) and the European String Teachers Association (ESTA).

If that strikes a chord, get a quote from us today.

Cello insurance FAQs

Do cellos keep their value?

Unlike buying a car, buying a cello doesn’t mean that the value will depreciate once you start using it. Some cellos are hundreds of years old. This means when you buy a cello and you look after it properly, you can take comfort in knowing that it will hold its value. Knowing this gives you more incentive to get cello insurance just in case something happens that is beyond your control.

How do you protect a cello?

To protect your cello, you can take these simple steps:

  • Keep it in a closed case or on a stand when not in use
  • ‘Warm-up’ your instrument by playing it before a show, especially if it is cold
  • Avoid leaving it in direct sunlight
  • Avoid leaving it near heat sources like radiators
  • Wipe down the cello instrument body using a lint-free cloth after use
  • Clean off rosin dust regularly from beneath the bridge
  • Reduce the impacts of humidity by using a silk bag or case humidifier
How do you protect the cello strings and bow?

Cello strings:

Special care should be given to the cello strings:

  • Wipe down the cello strings using a lint-free cloth after use
  • Clean the sides and undersides of the strings
  • Change your cello strings each year or every few months if you play regularly

Cello bow:

The same level of care should be given to your cello bow:

  • Don’t touch the hair of the bow as residue can impact sound quality
  • Select the right lubricant to avoid damage
  • Rehair your bow once a year or every six months if you play regularly
Does cello insurance cover cello bows?

Yes, you can include cello bow insurance as part of your policy. This is something we would encourage so that your full musical armoury is protected. Like violin and viola bows, even those designed for beginners can be costly to replace.

Can I insure my electric cello?

Electric cellos, carbon fibre cellos and traditional wooden cellos – yes, we can provide a bespoke cello insurance policy that works for them all.

What are your three levels of cello insurance cover?

We offer Global, National or Home cover for your cello insurance, giving you the choice to tailor your policy to a risk level you feel comfortable with as a musician.

You can read our policy documents for more information.

How much does cello insurance cost?

This will depend on the details of your policy. We will consider the value of your instrument and its accessories when compiling your cello instrument insurance policy. It will consider the cost required to replace your cello, on top of your No Claims discount when calculating the annual premium.

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