13 November 2023

Can your home insurance really protect your piano? - Five reasons to get specialist piano insurance

By Lark Music

It may be more than three years since it happened, but the accidental ruin to virtuoso pianist Angela Hewitt’s F278 Fazioli continues to hit a discordant nerve with piano owners everywhere. As a reminder, the piano, valued at £150,000, was damaged beyond repair when movers dropped it at the end of a recording session in Berlin at the start of 2020.

And while dropping a piano has been replayed many times for slapstick comedy value in everything from the famous PG Tips tea ads to Laurel and Hardy, the actuality is far from funny.

When describing the enormity of the loss, Ms Hewitt said: “I adored this piano. It was my best friend, best companion. I loved how it felt when I was recording – giving me the possibility to do anything I wanted… I hope my piano will be happy in piano heaven.”

Which is why here at Lark Music, we’re opening the piano cover to explain our top five reasons why you may want to consider specific musical instrument insurance rather than plain old household insurance.

Piano insurance could reduce your expenses

1. Protecting your no claims bonus

Aside from the usual protection against accidental damage and theft, specialist piano insurance can play a role in reducing the cost of your home insurance. A claim on your household policy is likely to cause the loss of your no claims bonus. Depending on the value of your instrument, this could lead to you paying more in the long run.

2. Protecting your excess

Furthermore, your home policy is likely to come with an excess. If you need to make a claim for your instrument, you will have to front these costs which can range from around £100 to more than £500.

3. Protecting your investment

Pianos can be significant investments. If your instrument is damaged due to a claim, piano insurers pay the difference if your instrument becomes less valuable after a claim, for example due to repairs. Specific piano insurance allows you to accurately assess and insure your instrument at its current market or appraised value. Household insurance might not account for the piano’s actual worth and often comes with single item limits, leaving you underinsured or unable to fully recover your investment in the event of a loss or damage.

Piano insurance is designed with your instrument in mind

4. Piano insurance offers specialised coverage tailored to the unique needs of your instrument

Household insurance typically provides general coverage for personal property but may not adequately address the value and specific risks associated with a piano.

Piano insurance is designed to protect against piano-specific threats, such as damage to the internal components or soundboard, which may not be adequately covered by a standard home insurance policy. Piano insurers know pianos are sensitive to environmental factors like humidity, temperature, and even earthquakes or floods. Specialised piano insurance typically includes coverage for damage caused by natural disasters.

5. Designed for musicians

Musical instrument insurers understand the relationship musicians have with their instruments and their repairers, and often allow musicians to choose their own repairer because they understand how important it is for musicians to know their instrument is in safe hands.

In conclusion, specific piano insurance offers comprehensive protection for your piano by addressing its unique risks and needs. It not only guards against financial loss but also enhances your piano’s longevity and preserves its value. Relying solely on standard property insurance could leave you underinsured and unprepared to protect your cherished piano adequately.

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