31 October 2022

How to choose the right music instrument insurance

By Lark Music

There’s a unique connection between musician and musical instrument. Choosing the right instrument takes time, and you may have invested a lot to buy it. So just imagine if it were stolen, mislaid or damaged in an accident – it would be devastating.

The right insurance policy gives you peace of mind that you’re protected if anything happens to your musical instrument, so you can claim for the costs of repair or replacement. But how do you know what policy you need? Let’s take a look at your options.

How to insure musical instruments

As a rule, musicians have a couple of choices to protect their instruments. You can either:

  1. Add a rider to your existing contents or homeowner’s insurance; or
  2. Take out a separate music instrument insurance

The option that’s best for you will depend on how you use your instrument, the level of protection you’re happy with, and the insurance provider. Different insurers will provide varying levels of cover at a range of price points, with some offering more flexible policies than others.

Does homeowner’s insurance cover musical instruments?

Home insurance does offer some protection for musical instruments, but it depends on certain factors. Generally, homeowner’s insurance is there to protect the things you keep in your home, so if you take your music equipment out and about with you – for example, to rehearse or to gig – then you will need to add extra personal possessions cover to your policy, which may affect how much you’re quoted.

You should also consider:

  • The value of your instrument – the average amount of cover for a single item is around £1500 for contents insurance, meaning that’s the highest amount that will get paid out in the event of a claim
  • Your policy excess – how much will you have to pay yourself if you need to claim?
  • Public liabilities – if you accidentally damage someone else’s property when you’re performing, practising or teaching, you’re unlikely to be covered by contents insurance
  • How quickly you need your claim settled – some home insurers might have longer payment times.

Do I need instrument insurance?

The good thing about musical instrument insurance is that it’s specifically designed for the unique needs and challenges that musicians face, from performing live to practising at home. Because of this, music instrument policies tend to offer a higher level of cover than homeowner’s insurance, and they can often be tuned to meet the needs of the individual musician or band.

To start with, your cover can be tailored to your different instrument type – taking into account its model and value, as well as including instrument-specific accessories such as bows, reeds, stands, cases, etc.

Secondly, music insurance tends to offer a wider range of covers for repair and replacement, including if your instrument is lost or damaged due to:

  • Theft, fire or loss
  • Accidental damage
  • Natural disasters
  • Professional usage, including any accidents during performance or while travelling, for example in a car accident.

You can also extend your cover through a range of extras, including:

  • Worldwide travel cover if you tour with your instrument
  • Unattended vehicle cover – if you need to leave your instrument in your car or van.
  • Climatic conditions and earthquake cover.

Cover is also written on the understanding that many musicians rely on their instruments for their income, whether you play professionally in a band, as a soloist, or teach others. That means replacement costs are guaranteed to make sure you’re not prevented from making a living – making it the ideal choice if you earn money from your music.

Does holiday insurance cover instruments?

Many musicians travel with their instruments, especially if you perform, teach, or attend musical events around the world. But of course, there’s always the risk of damage or loss during travel, from the baggage handling process for flights to the risk of accident on the road. So how do you keep your gear safe in transit?

Straight up holiday insurance can offer a certain level of protection if you add baggage cover to include instruments, but this may only be to a specific amount and not enough to cover the value of your instruments or equipment.

Most musical instrument insurance policies offer comprehensive travel cover, but make sure you specify this when looking for quotes. Some cover, such as a Practising Only Policy, only apply when instruments are played and stored at home.

Choosing the right music instrument insurance

If you care for your instrument and play regularly, either in a band or on your own, then music instrument insurance will always offer the best level of protection. But every musician is different, so it’s important to choose a policy that’s tailored to your needs, from what you play to where you perform to how often you travel.

At Lark Music, we offer musical instrument insurance that’s flexible for every instrument, and we can help protect electronic equipment and all your gear too. Our cover is designed by a specialist team who love music and offers:

  • Three levels of cover – global, national and home
  • No time restrictions on travel
  • Cover for all risks, including fire, flood, loss, theft, and accidental damage
  • Reimbursement for the loss of value if your instrument is damaged
  • Cover for travelling with your instrument in a hard case (where applicable)
  • No-claims discount of up to 20%
  • Cover for rented instruments
  • The option to get quotes online, by email, or phone
  • No admin charges for policy changes and a 14-day cooling off period
  • Claims paid in cash, quickly
  • Optional extras, such as cover against theft from an unattended vehicle, earthquake, or climate conditions.

So, whether you play music professionally or just for fun, at home or at a venue, we can help you find the musical instrument insurance that’s right for you. Get your quote today and play on, protected.

Do you need musical instrument insurance?

If you are looking for musical instrument insurance our team are happy to help. You can get in touch by clicking here or alternatively you can get a quote for any type of musical instrument insurance, online.