23 May 2024

How to maintain woodwind instruments

By Lark Music

As a musician, ensuring that your instruments can perform at their best should be of the utmost importance. This comes down to giving them the proper care and attention they need.

In this handy guide, we’ll offer tips and tricks to help you get the best out of your woodwind musical instruments. Whether you’re looking to spruce up your clarinet, horn, or oboe, we’ve got you covered.

Types of woodwind family instruments

Instruments in the woodwind family are some of the most loved by musicians across the globe. Their distinct sounds add an intrinsic depth to orchestral works and bring a wealth of energy and character to solo performances.

Some of the most common types of woodwind instruments are as follows:

What are woodwind instruments made of?

Woodwind instruments were originally made from different kinds of wood, hence their name. However, many are now produced using more durable and versatile materials. This may include metal, plastic, or a combination of the two.


How to care for your woodwind instruments

Taking proper care of your woodwind instruments should be a top priority and something you incorporate into your routine. Forming habits around care and maintenance will ensure your woodwind musical instruments can perform at their best and stand the test of time, even with regular use.

How to properly assemble and disassemble your woodwind instruments

It’s vital that you know how to properly assemble and disassemble your instruments, and that you treat them with a delicate touch.

Avoid using too much force and be careful not to bend any keys. Damage to them will impact how any instrument in the woodwind family plays and sounds, affecting your ability to perform.

We recommend using small amounts of grease to allow parts of your instrument to slide together easily. If any part of your woodwind instrument should become stuck and you’re unable to remove it without force, seek professional help to ensure you don’t do any damage.

Cleaning your woodwind instruments

You want your instruments to look their best, but a thorough cleaning routine also ensures they perform at their best. To remove any fingerprints or dirt from your instrument, use a soft polishing cloth. You can also use small cotton buds to get into the harder-to-reach places, such as behind keys or around the mouthpiece.

If you think your instrument may need additional cleaning, you could always take it to a professional. They’ll be able to disassemble your instrument and give it a thorough clean both inside and out.

Proper woodwind instrument storage

Ensure your musical instruments are stored away safely and securely between use. The best way to do this for instruments from the woodwind family is to choose storage cases specifically designed to fit your instrument, ideally with interior cushioning. This holds the instrument in place and help to avoid any bumps or scrapes during transportation.

Remove any straps before storage and keep loose items in a separate case or bag. You also need to consider the temperature of your storage location, as this can affect how well your instrument functions.

Woodwind instrument maintenance and repairs

Depending on how often you play, you may want to consider getting your instrument serviced once or twice a year to ensure optimal performance. Keeping on top of regular upkeep in this way will ensure the longevity of your woodwind instrument.

If your instrument gets damaged, seek the assistance of a professional who can carry out the necessary repairs. Although you may be able to replace parts yourself, improper repairs could seriously impair your woodwind musical instrument and your ability to play at your best.

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