10 September 2020

Lark Music supports the Philharmonia Orchestra in their third concert of The Philharmonia Sessions. Will you be tuning in?

By Lark Music
Tune in to the third concert in The Philharmonia Sessions, the Philharmonia Orchestra’s summer programme of free digital concerts. The third concert, supported by Lark Music, features violinist Nicola Benedetti and conductor Paavo Järvi.

The Coronavirus pandemic has had a significant impact across all arts sectors. Due to the nature of live performances, it has been particularly hard hit as many have been unable to successfully perform whilst adhering to social distance rules. The arts sector has always proved to be resilient, and although Coronavirus has presented a unique set of challenges, the Philharmonia have risen to the occasion by hosting a series of digital concerts, The Philharmonia Sessions.

Lark Music has always prided itself on supporting the arts and at a time when support is more critical than ever. We are pleased to demonstrate our commitment to the arts and support the third Philharmonia Session in the series featuring Nicola Benedetti and conductor Paavo Järvi.

Virtuoso violinist Nicola Benedetti has praised musical specialist insurance broker Lark Music for its generosity in supporting the arts, ‘helping us to get back up and running’ after lockdown. Nicola says the music industry has been hit particularly hard by Covid-19.

She said: “This pandemic has affected every corner of our lives and it is such a difficult time for everyone. How hard the music industry, freelance and contracted, has been hit is phenomenal. From a more emotional and psychological perspective, we rely on playing music WITH people! We live on that communication.”

She added: “Philanthropists and the generosity of organisations such as Lark Music have always been essential to our industry but now more than ever we are so grateful to those who are supporting the arts and helping us to get back up and running and to doing what we do best – making music.

“I can’t describe how much I am looking forward to being reunited with the wonderful musicians of the Philharmonia Orchestra to perform Vaughan Williams’ beautiful The Lark Ascending as part of the Philharmonia Sessions.

“Even if we aren’t yet able to perform to a live audience, it will be thrilling to share a stage together once more, and hopefully live audiences will follow soon.”

Tune in to the Lark Music-supported digital Philharmonia concert on September 17, at 7pm

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