20 November 2020

Supporting the arts as a trustee of the Young Classical Artists Trust

By Lark Music
Julie Webb
Aston Lark Private Client Director Julie Webb has been appointed a trustee of the Young Classical Artists Trust (YCAT).

The charity assists the world’s most talented young musicians to become self-supporting through introductions and connections, as well as teaching them practical skills such as navigating business contracts and creating an online presence.

Chief Executive Alasdair Tait said: “We welcome Julie to the board as she will bring energy and enthusiasm to help people connect. We have observed her Aston Lark relationships with music colleges and conservatoires and we know she loves to see young musicians flourish.

Julie said: “Lark Music, a specialist division of Aston Lark, and has been providing music insurance across the world for more than 20 years. I feel honoured to be part of this innovative charity that keeps on growing, both from its base in the UK and now reaching across Europe and the USA. It is so important to develop younger voices in the industry and YCAT exists to nurture the early careers of young musicians who will go on to move generations of audiences with their talent.”

YCAT came into being 35 years ago when impresario Ian Hunter realised young artists needed help to get noticed because, if they were not seen as commercially viable, agents would not take them on.

“The present group of 12 trustees from all different walks of life are now leading an international organisation,” says Alasdair. “The way a young artist now develops their career is through globalisation.” In the last few years, we have focused on opening doors in the USA where we have spread the word from Stamford to Boston and New York. We have become a trusted brand, a gateway for promoters and organisers because we guarantee a quality and type of artist.” This year has been particularly difficult for young artists who need lots of smaller performance opportunities before they are ‘ready to fly’.  We now keep people thriving and working on introductions.  The need for us is stronger than ever right now.”

To learn more about YCAT or apply to audition as a YCAT artist, please visit ycat.co.uk
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