23 June 2020

Watch composer Jonathan Bloxham’s professional debut

By Julie Webb Client Director
Conductor Jonathan Bloxham, who started out as a cellist, in Issue 9 of LARKmusic magazine explained how he listened to advice and became a top-flight cellist before taking the leap into becoming a conductor.

Last summer, I was privileged to watch him in rehearsals for Rigoletto at Glyndebourne and it was fascinating to see how much goes into each and every move that takes place on the stage as well as witnessing Jonathan building a rapport with both the musicians and singers. Quite a day!

In this video, it is revealing to see a conductor from a front-facing angle – usually we see just a back and arms waving – so this view highlights the energy, passion and connection with the orchestra that is usually rather hidden from view.

Jonathan says the video includes clips taken ‘from one of the most significant concerts in my life’.

He said: “Technically, it was my professional debut! At the end of my first season as Assistant Conductor with the City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra, I was making a ‘series concert’ which included three pieces that I had always wanted to conduct.

“The highlight was Dvorak’s epically romantic seventh symphony – with one of the best endings in the whole repertoire! I really do hope you like it.

“It has been disappointing to see concert after concert being cancelled so this opportunity to share my work with Lark Music is really pleasing.”

For more information about Jonathan please visit www.jonathanbloxham.com

Link to video – https://youtu.be/6Ebya0T6v3s

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