1 June 2021

Why musicians need Public Liability insurance

By Lark Music
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Make sure you’re prepared for your next performance

The pandemic has been hard for us all in so many ways, but it has been particularly tough for musicians. With venues shuttered and concerts on hold indefinitely for over a year, it’s exciting to see the musical world starting to reopen again. Bookings are filling up for the summer ahead, from music for weddings and parties, to classical recitals, to opera and ballet concerts. You may be practising hard in preparation for your next, long overdue, performance – but you must not forget one of the most important details: your insurance.

Play it safe with musician insurance

You may not be aware, but more venues than ever now require you – the performer – to have Public Liability insurance before they will complete your booking. This is because the cost of lawsuits that can arise if an accident happens at a performance can run into many thousands of pounds. Public Liability insurance for musicians protects against that outcome. But it’s not just for the sake of the venue that you should consider this cover. Whether you’re performing, teaching, auditioning or even composing – you could still be exposed to risk if something goes wrong.

Perform with peace of mind

Live performances are special and exhilarating occasions. But imagine if an audience member tripped over a microphone wire and injured themselves badly. They could sue and you would be responsible for the resulting legal fees.

And it’s not only the audience you need to protect at your performances. There’s also the risk of damage to property at the venue, which you might have to pay for to fix. This could be something as simple as dents in the floor from the spike of a cello or double bass – or it could be more serious, such as harm caused by moving heavy instruments or equipment on and off stage. A dropped amp might cost you more than the price to repair it, if you also have to pay for the damage at the venue too.

With the right performer insurance, you’re protected from these risks.

Security for your students

Many musicians are also teachers – passing on their expertise to a new generation of performers. You might think that teaching in the privacy of your own home will protect you from risk but, unfortunately, that’s not always the case. If one of your students injures themselves in your property – from tripping over a rug to slipping down a step – they could demand compensation.

Likewise, your student could inadvertently damage your own property, which could even include your own musical instrument – leaving you with the bill for repair. That’s why Public Liability insurance for musicians is so crucial – it keeps you protected when you teach, whether you’re in a public place or teaching at home.

Don’t let short-term saving cost you later

We know the last year has been hard on musicians, especially financially. And when it comes to taking out insurance, you might feel it’s safe to skip the cost of a policy in order to save a little money upfront. But this is a risky move. We’re all human. Silly mistakes – like leaving wires in a tangle that someone could trip over, or not securing heavy instruments properly on stage – could be enough to push the true cost of that particular performance, music lesson or audition into thousands of pounds.

Musicians have been through enough during this pandemic. Let’s get back to the thrill of playing, teaching and sharing music safely.

Protect yourself with a Public Liability for musicians policy

If you are performing outside, at a venue or even at your home, you need to have a Public Liability insurance policy. You can add this to your musical instrument insurance policy when you buy with us.