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For the love of music

It’s people who make music happen. After more than 25 years supporting musicians from all over the world, we understand this better than most. So we help all music lovers keep their instruments and equipment safe through specialist and flexible cover that leaves you free to play on, safe in the knowledge you’re protected.

We know how varied music can be, so our music insurance reflects that. We can help protect your instrument whatever you play, at whatever standard, across all musical genres. And when it comes to claims, we give a virtuoso performance.

Because we’re driven by the same passion for music as you are. Our experienced and helpful team are immersed in the music sector – and their understanding of your needs enables them to find the right instrument insurance for every customer.

That’s why we tailor our service, giving you the choice of bespoke, personal service over the phone or quick and easy online quotes depending on your needs. Because we understand that no two musicians are the same – but the love of music unites us all.

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