The best way to boost your leads

Top tips for our introducers

As an introducer, you have the opportunity to enhance your service for your clients and make more money in the process. The key is visibility. How you position your relationship with Lark Music when you communicate with your clients and making the most of potential touch points to introduce us will help you generate more leads and boost your income.

Here we’ve outlined a range of ways to drive client engagement – and we recommend you consider adopting several to reach as many clients as you can.

Take stock of your client journey touchpoints

Working out when is best to introduce us to your clients is one of the best ways to ensure a successful referral. All you have to do is look at how you currently generate leads and talk to your clients – and work out where in these you might have opportunities to introduce our brand and services.

For example, if you’re a dealer or retailer, this could be at the point the client has just bought their instrument. If you’re a service provider, you could use our brand as an extra selling feature before a musician signs up to your service.

Once you have mapped out the different ways you can communicate with your clients, it’s much easier to understand where you can introduce the important idea of insuring their beloved instruments with a trusted specialist, such as Lark Music. If you would like some support in mapping out this journey our marketing team can help you.

Use your website

How you display Lark Music on your website can have a big impact on your success as an introducer. It not only makes it easy for your clients to find us, but it also allows them to see that we are a trusted partner to your business, which can increase engagement.

In our experience, we’ve found the best way for introducers to maximise this opportunity is through a ‘partners’ page, where you can display further information about Lark Music and build trust with the client. It gives more information, which often works better than a simple advert banner, and we are happy to provide you with the right content to make it easier for you.

By displaying our web link on your website, you will also be able to help improve your Google search ranking through backlinking.

Consider your social media strategy

For some businesses, social media is a brilliant tool to communicate with their clients – for others it’s not such a big focus.

If you’re active on social media with a network of clients, then this is a great platform to publicise your recommendation for Lark Music. You can also tag us in content, and we can work on joint communications on your preferred platform.

We can also provide links or content to post which can help build an interest or trust in our brand with your clients. Don’t worry – we always aim for our content to be useful to clients rather than a sales message.

Add us to your e-shots & newsletters

If you send email communications to your clients or issue newsletters, then this can be a great tool to introduce Lark Music. If you need, we can provide content and links so it’s even easier to add us to your client comms.

Share physical flyers

Printed communications are still popular in this digital age. We can provide printed flyers for your business as a means to introduce our brand.

Just so you know, we use an online system to track your referrals to make sure you earn the right income, so we recommend you use flyers alongside a digital solution such as a webpage of your website or a bespoke page on ours, so you can convert your leads and still get the income for them.

Extra support from additional content

To help you as an introducer, we can provide a range of additional content too – simply let us know. We can also provide:

  • Case studies
  • News articles or a link to our article library
  • Website banner graphics with dimensions to suit your website
  • Content for a partner page on your website
  • Lark Music client testimonials

Get specialist marketing support

We take pride in supporting all our introducers. If you want some extra guidance on how to increase your referrals, our marketing team will be more than happy to help.

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