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    We help all music lovers keep their instruments and equipment safe through specialist and flexible cover that leaves you free to play on, safe in the knowledge you’re protected.
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      There’s a way you can earn more money while offering virtuoso-standard service to your clients – and it’s simple. All you have to do is introduce your clients to Lark Music and, if they take ...
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        How you position your relationship with Lark Music when you communicate with your clients and making the most of potential touch points to introduce us will help you generate more leads and boost y...
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        We understand the diversity of the musical sector, so we cater for all musical instruments across every type of genre, whether you play music professionally or as a hobby.
        • Musical instrument insurance
          Music is made by people – but it’s your musical instrument that makes it possible. We can help you find the right music instrument insurance, whatever you play or own, so you can carry ...
          • String instrument insurance
            The string family is one of the most versatile and well-loved groups of instruments. So we make sure our string instrument insurance is just as flexible.
            • Cello insurance
              The cello is renowned for its rich and vibrant sound. We offer specialist insurance for cello players and owners that helps you take care of your instrument, whether you’re a virtuoso, complete b...
              • Guitar insurance
                The guitar is one of the most popular musical instruments in the world, so we understand how much yours means to you. We can help protect your guitar with specialist cover that keeps it safe whethe...
                • Harp insurance
                  Beautifully crafted and rarer than other members of the string family, your harp will need the right insurance to keep it safe when you play, teach or travel with it.
                  • Violin insurance
                    At Lark Music, we understand that there are violins – and there are violins. So our specialist violin insurance is as versatile as the instrument itself.
                  • Woodwind instrument insurance
                    The woodwind family comes in all shapes and sizes, offering a rich variation in tone and style. Our woodwind instrument insurance takes care of them all.
                    • Clarinet insurance
                      Renowned for the scale and warmth of its sound, the clarinet is a staple instrument for so many styles of music, from blues to jazz to classical. Our cover is made to be just as versatile.
                      • Flute insurance
                        The flute, with its silvery sound and agile range, is one of the most loved woodwind instruments. We can help protect your flute from damage, loss, theft and more.  
                        • Saxophone insurance
                          The saxophone’s instantly recognisable sound makes it a firm favourite with musicians across all genres. Our sax insurance is designed to keep your instrument safe.
                        • Brass instrument insurance
                          Brass instruments are incredibly versatile – lending themselves to all sorts of musical genres, from classical to jazz to funk and more. We can provide the right cover to keep your brass instrume...
                          • Horn insurance
                            We provide horn insurance that keeps your instrument covered for any eventuality, with policies for French horns, flugel horns, baritones, euphoniums and more.
                            • Trombone insurance
                              The iconic trombone is a key part of any brass ensemble. We offer high quality trombone insurance that’s designed to protect this popular brass instrument.  
                              • Trumpet insurance
                                The trumpet is one of the world’s most ancient instruments, with a history spanning thousands of years. Today, we offer specialist trumpet insurance that’s designed to keep this well-loved inst...
                              • Keyboards and piano insurance
                                The piano lends itself to all styles of music, so it’s no surprise it’s one of the most popular instruments in the world. Our specialist piano insurance covers all manner of piano, from a conce...
                                • Keyboard insurance
                                  Keyboards are a versatile and practical instrument – easier to transport than a piano and able to offer a multitude of sounds and settings. So it’s no surprise they’re so popular. But getting...
                                  • Piano insurance
                                    Pianos are beautifully engineered and deliver so much variation in tone and style. But they can be an expensive investment, so it’s important you keep yours covered.
                                  • Drums insurance
                                    Drums form the beating heart of so many types of music. We understand how it important it is to protect your kit, so we provide specialist drums insurance for all types of drummers and percussionis...
                                    • Electronic musical instruments
                                      We know there’s a vast range of musical instruments designed for electronic music – and we can find you the cover you need.
                                      • Ensembles, bands and orchestra insurance
                                        Music is collaborative – and playing with others is one of the most enjoyable experiences, from orchestras and bands to duos.
                                        • Orchestra members insurance
                                          We offer specialist musical insurance for individual orchestra players – so you don’t have to rely on a group policy to know you’re protected.
                                          • Concert band player insurance
                                            Playing in a concert band is a lot of fun, but it’s important to make sure your instrument is protected – so if any accident happens in rehearsal, on stage, on tour or in transit, you know you ...
                                            • Brass band player insurance
                                              The unmistakeable sound of a brass band explains why they’re so popular. We offer specialist brass instrument insurance for members of all types of brass band, from professional to amateur and yo...
                                            • Can’t find your instrument type?
                                              We know that there are many more musical instruments than we’ve listed on our site, so don’t worry if you haven’t seen yours. We can still find you the musical instrument insurance you need.
                                            • Other insurance
                                              At Lark Music, we know there’s much more to music than the instrument you play. So we can find you the specialist insurance you need to keep yourself, your equipment and even your livelihood prot...
                                              • Equipment insurance
                                                Whatever equipment you use to make music, you need to keep it safe. Some, like DJ equipment, production equipment and PA systems, can be significant investments that could cost a lot to replace –...
                                                • DJ equipment insurance
                                                  If you’re a professional on tour, a student perfecting your craft, or you’re just starting out behind the decks, we can help you find the right DJ equipment insurance.
                                                  • Musical equipment insurance
                                                    We know many performances are only made possible through gear such as PA systems, microphones, speakers, amplifiers and more. That’s why we offer comprehensive protection for all your musical gea...
                                                  • Dealers, makers & restorers
                                                    As a dealer in musical instruments, you have a precise set of needs. At Lark Music, we are perfectly placed to tailor the right policy for you, offering the specialist insurance your instrument sto...
                                                    • Collectors
                                                      As a collector, you have a real passion for fine musical instruments. At Lark Music, we understand that your collection is not only highly valuable financially, but personally too. That’s why we ...
                                                      • Musicians Public Liability insurance
                                                        Most musicians will play to an audience at some point. It could be how you make your living or it could be on a casual basis – but however and wherever you perform, you should make sure you’re ...
                                                      • Musical notes: news & updates
                                                        We share your passion for music and regularly interview musicians of all genres while covering a wide variety of musical topics, which we’re delighted to share with you here.
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                                                          We know how distressing it can be if anything happens to your treasured musical instrument or equipment. Our aim is to get you playing again as quickly as possible, while offering the support you n...
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