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From uprights to concert grands, from a classic Fender Rhodes to the most advanced modern keyboard, Lark Music provides specialist insurance to ensure you are properly covered.

We cover all types of pianos, including grand, upright and digital pianos, harpsichords, keyboards and synthesizers.

Having to deal with the loss of a piano or keyboard can be a horrible experience, especially if you do not have insurance cover in place as it means you will have to pay out for repairs or even a replacement following an incident.

Our specialist piano insurance is bespoke to you as a musician and designed to cover all playing levels, from a hobbyist, to teaching students in your own home, to a touring professional.

What our cover includes
  • Worldwide, domestic or premises only cover
  • No time restrictions on travel
  • All risks cover (fire, flood, loss, theft, accidental damage)
  • Depreciation in value following an accident
  • Cover whilst travelling (as long as the musical instrument is in a hard case)
  • Cover whilst at home
  • No claims discount of up to 20%

We also provide some optional extras

  • Cover against theft from an unattended vehicle, earthquake or climate conditions
  • Optional £2m or £5m Public Liability

Renting your instrument?

If you rent your instrument, you will more than likely be responsible for making sure that it is correctly insured. Lark Music can provide comprehensive cover for any rental instruments.

Why choose Lark Music?

Lark Music has been providing specialist music insurance across the world for over 25 years. Our service benefits include:

  • A dedicated Account Handler – so one number to call
  • In-house Claims team to make the claims process as efficient as possible
  • Transactions in a choice of currencies (Sterling, Euro, US Dollar)
  • No claims discounts available (up to 20%)
  • Choice of repairer
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Did you know…

Pianos are among the oldest musical instruments. They inspire musical sounds and create great harmonies even during dull moments.

The earliest known keyboard instrument was apparently the Greek Hydraulis, an early type of pipe organ invented in the third Century BC. The clavichord and harpsichord appeared in the 1300s, however, the piano superseded these in the 18th Century and became revolutionary, as a pianist could vary the volume and control dynamics by striking keys with differing levels of force.

The earliest piano concertos were written in the late 18th Century by composers such as Bach and Abel. The form quickly took hold in the classical era, most notably through Mozart and in the Romantic period with Beethoven, Schumann, Mendelssohn and Chopin.

The first electronic pianos and synthesisers appeared in the 1970s, although an electro-mechanical keyboard playing a tape loop appeared in 1963 – this was the Mellotron, famously appearing at the start of The Beatles’ hit “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds”. Synthesisers increasingly came to feature in 1970s and 1980s pop music.

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