8 February 2024

Cello Insurance

By Lark Music

Instruments are an important part of many people’s livelihood. And with large, valuable instruments such as a cello, having the right level of protection means you’ll no longer have to play it by ear. Whether you’re a professional musician or hobbyist, make sure you never miss a beat by securing a tailored cello insurance policy that suits your lifestyle.

Here’s what you need to know about cello insurance.

What are cellos and when are they used?

Part of the violin family, the cello is a bowed string instrument with four strings. Over time, it has become a key part of Western music, specifically European classical music. Cello players are known as cellists. The cello is also regularly played in genres like jazz, pop, and rock.

Cellos have several distinguishable features:

  • Bow
  • Neck
  • Bridge
  • Fingerboard
  • Pegbox
  • Strings
  • Endpin
  • Scroll

Do cellos keep their value?

High-value cellos that are well cared for can hold their worth and may even increase in value. It’s worth taking extra steps to keep it protected.

How do I protect my cello?

Travelling with a large musical instrument such as a cello is undoubtedly tricky at times, but there are a few steps you can take to protect it. Always make sure you transport it with care. The weight and size of cellos mean they’re prone to scratches and bumps. Keep your cello in a hard case when you’re in transit, whether you’re flying to another country or using other forms of transport.

Try not to leave your cello unattended where possible unless it’s in a case. Otherwise, make sure it’s secured and out of people’s way. A rehearsal with large numbers of people in confined spaces are less than ideal, so stay diligent.

Fluctuations in humidity, either too low or too high, can impact your cello, causing shrinkage or expansion. Try to practice in spaces where relative humidity is between 40 and 60 per cent. Cleaning your cello regularly and using rosin correctly can also help to keep your cello in top condition. Where possible, avoid touching the varnish and hair of the bow too.

What is cello insurance?

Cello insurance gives musicians the freedom to go about their craft without having to worry about unforeseen expenses. Depending on your chosen policy, you may be covered for damage to your cello, even if you regularly travel with it across the globe. It may also cover exceptionally rare instruments that might require more costly repairs.

Often, you’ll choose from several levels of cello insurance, including home, national, or global cover. Knowing how to choose the right musical instrument insurance means you’ll be able to proceed in complete harmony, on and off stage.

Who might need cello insurance?

Cello insurance is available to musicians of all levels. It’s an essential purchase for those who depend on the instrument for their career. This includes teachers and professional musicians who regularly travel or tour.

However, anyone who owns a cello will benefit from the comfort of knowing that it’s protected. Parents will often insure their child’s instrument and collectors tend to have a suitable policy in place too.

How much does it cost to fix a broken cello?

Cellos are valuable instruments and repairs can be expensive. The sheer size of a cello can make certain repairs more costly compared to a violin, for example. The cost of fixing a cello will depend on the type and level of damage done.

Replacing the pegs can cost upward of £70. Different cellos will involve working with several types of wood, which again, can dictate the price. On another note, replacing a cello bow typically used by professionals can cost hundreds – or even thousands – of pounds.

You should inform your insurer of damage as soon as it occurs.  It’s likely that they’ll  advise  taking your cello to a luthier or repairer before there is any further damage.

Is cello insurance worth it?

The purpose of cello insurance is to help you save in the long term in case anything were to happen to your instrument.

Composed especially for you, the right cello insurance policy will give you peace of mind so you can spend more time focusing on music rather than worrying about costly repairs. Regardless of your skill as a musician, or whether you play the cello for work or play, you can relax knowing that whatever happens, you will be covered.

Get note-perfect cello insurance with Lark Music

If you’re keen to learn more about cello insurance from Lark Music, you can get an online quote or get in touch with us by completing our enquiry form. Alternatively, speak with one of our cello insurance experts by calling 020 3846 5271. Does your cello have a value of over £50,000? We recommend speaking with a member of our specialist team.

We have over 25 years of experience and are more than happy to help you secure a no-strings-attached policy. We’re also proud to work with the Independent Society of Musicians (ISM), the Young Classical Artists Trust (YCAT) and the European String Teachers Association (ESTA). You can also read our policy documents for more information and see what past customers have said about us by browsing our Feefo reviews.