31 October 2023

Do I need violin insurance?

By Lark Music

Whether you’re a musical virtuoso or a beginner, we understand how precious your instruments are. Your violin might be the mainstay of your career or play a key part in your wider hobbies and interests. Either way, ensuring they’re protected with the right insurance means you’ll never miss a beat.

What are violins and when are they used?

Violins are wooden chordophones characterised by a hollow body and typically have four strings. Other features include tuning pegs, F holes and a bridge.

They make the highest pitch in the violin family – also composed of viola, cello and double bass – due to their small size. They are frequently played in the world of classical music.

Do violins hold their value?

High-value violins that have been well-made by established makers will hold their value, or potentially increase in value.

How can I protect my violin?

These expertly crafted instruments are delicate and easily damaged. You can protect them to some extent by handling them with care or placing them in a hard case. However, accidents can still happen.

Many musicians might be touring or teaching, for example, which could increase the risk of instruments being damaged. That’s why most violinists protect their violin with insurance.

What is violin insurance?

Violin insurance, with no strings attached, is a godsend for musicians, whether you’re a professional or a novice. A tailored policy can cover even the rarest of fiddles.

Generally, you can choose from multiple levels of violin insurance, including home, national or global cover. It’s worth taking time to understand how to choose the right musical instrument insurance.

Who might need violin insurance?

Most professional musicians will have instrument insurance in place. You might be touring across the globe or teaching locally – either way, the correct level of cover will strike the right chord should you ever need it.

And even if you’re not at the musical virtuoso level, having a tailored policy in place can save you money on repairs and replacements. Collectors and dealers can also seek out an insurance policy that suits their circumstances.

Do violins count as a personal item?

While home and contents insurance can offer protection for some musical instruments, the cover may be limited and might depend on certain factors. Expensive instruments and those considered ‘high risk’ might not be covered. Specialist instrument insurance tends to be a more comprehensive choice for musicians, allowing them greater protection.

Are electric violins covered under violin insurance?

This will depend on the insurer you choose. Most musical instrument insurance providers will cover acoustic, electrical violins and other varieties.

Does violin insurance cover violin bows?

When you get insurance, your violin will undergo an instrument appraisal whereby the total value of your violin is considered. Bows can cost hundreds of pounds, which is why many musicians include them in their policy.

Often, insurers will accept the receipt value, the list price, similar instrument value or a professional valuation to determine the amount.

Is violin insurance worth it?

If you’re a professional musician who depends on your violin to make a living, violin insurance is a worthy investment. An estimated 43,600 musicians were working in the UK as of the first quarter of 2023 – and for a large proportion of these musicians, having sufficient insurance in place is key to protecting their work and livelihood.

Depending on the model, violins can be costly to replace or repair. According to reports, 98% of musicians are concerned by the cost of living crisis. If your career depends on your instrument being intact, having instrument insurance can put your mind at ease.

Even if you are a hobbyist, violin insurance means that any damage that occurs while in transit, for example, could be covered, saving you money in the long term.


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